BELMAST ir viens no vadošajiem sertificētajiem metālapstrādes uzņēmumiem Latvijā, kas specializējas metāla konstrukciju projektēšanā, ražošanā un montāžā



The designing department of BELMAST is professional and experienced team which design steel constructions of the buildings for projects with different complexity using modern, certified and licensed software, such as:

• Solidworks

• AutoCad

• Tekla

• StructureCad

We prepare all needed documentation for the project- production and assembly drawings, material specification, load bearing capacity calculations and detailing of elements for production.


Quality matters the most in construction industry and over the years we have been improving our production technologies and skills of our staff members. As a result, we are one of the leading certified steel construction producers based in Latvia which is specialized in design, manufacture and assembly of steel frame constructions.

Our production capabilities:

• EN1090 EXC3 certificate

• Plasma cutting 2500 x 12000 mm, 360 Amps,

• Welding workshop, 20+ inverters, 400 Amp

• Shot blasting chamber, 10.000 mm

• Painting workshop, 20.000 mm

• Handling capacity, 5 tons


BELMAST logistics department gives an opportunity for creating optimal logistic system. Quality and effectiveness of the system is analyzed each month that helps to improve constantly.

The logistics department provides timely delivery of materials and elements to secure construction production, as well as delivery of finished articles to the place of consignment in order to meet customer requirements. We deliver full, package, part and oversized cargo. Cargo transportation is performed by a variety of transportation means, such as motor, rail, sea and airfreights. Before delivery, we make contracts with carriers directly; this ensures a safe and timely transportation to the consignee and simplifies settlement of transportation matters. On Customer’s request, additional service is available: insurance of cargo and freight customs clearance in European countries, Northland and CIS countries.

BELMAST has its own motor vehicles of different load-carrying capacity, which correspond to EURO V emission standard. The transport is equipped with GPS system that enables cargo delivery in the shortest possible time.


Our professional assembly team is experienced in working in different countries and provides qualitive and timely assembly of steel constructions.

Thanks to own assembly team BELMAST can be flexible for needs of Client and provide extra services in order to complete projects on time.


Metāla karkasu konstrukcijas

BELMAST is specializing in production of steel frame constructions for building industry. BELMAST offers steel frame structures for warehouses, factories, airports, universities, museums, shopping centers, offices and residential buildings.

Project development and metal fabrication can be done according to Customers’ as well as our engineers’ drawings. Certified welders provide welding of high quality and perfect geometry of the elements. As the Company operates on a very large area, it is important that all products correspond to the quality standards of the country and region they are delivered to.

Telekomunikāciju torņi

BELMAST was established in 2000 as the specialized metal working enterprise mostly to produce telecom towers and masts to Baltic countries and Russia. During the years our Company has been improving quality and technology of tower production and as a result we manufactured and supplied more than 5000 towers and masts to our main partners in Russia, such as “T2 Mobile”, “Gazprom”, “Russian Towers”, “МТS” and “Beeline”.

On the market of Russia our telecom towers are trusted as qualitative, safe, fully completed and easy-to-assemble constructions.

We are designing and manufacturing towers and masts for different wind
zones (I-VI) with load bearing capacity up to 30m2:

• Greenfield telecom towers and masts with height up to 180m,

• Loaded towers and masts with height up to 50m,

• Towers and masts with height up to 40m for placing on the roofs

of the buildings,

• Poles and supports of dual purpose up to 40m high.

Citas metāla konstrukcijas

Our company is also working on special orders and unstandardized elements based on provided drawings. We have experience and knowledge on producing metal elements for:

• Road infrastructure (Signs, portals, barriers railing posts)

• Railway infrastructure (Signs, columns, towers)

• Substations

• Solar panels supporting frames

• Tunnel casting equipment



BELMAST is a metalwork company, which was founded on April 13, 2000 by a large telecommunications company, which in the late 1990s carried out large-scale projects in Latvia and Lithuania. One of those included construction of a corporate communications network, as well as construction of radio relay sites, where towers and communications masts were an integral part. Since the project was large, time-consuming and budget-intensive, and there were certain difficulties with manufacturers of such construction type in the nearest regions, it was decided to organize own metalwork production.

The company was run by young and talented managers who managed to form a core team of BELMAST over a short period of time and in six months the first telecom tower was produced in the manufacturing area of Daugavpils (Latvia).

Due to the high quality, reasonable price and marketing policy, BELMAST products immediately became a serious competitor to foreign alternatives.

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Realizēti projekti


BELMAST ražo visaugstākās kvalitātes produkciju, kā arī atbilst visiem ES standartiem, un to nepārprotami apstiprina esošie sertifikāti. Sadarbojoties ar mūsu uzņēmumu, Jūs varat būt pārliecināti par sniegtās produkcijas un pakalpojumu kvalitāti.

EPD Cinkotas konstrukcijas

EPD Krāsotas konstrukcijas


Metāla konstrukciju CE marķējums Sertifikāts EN1090.

ISO 14001:2015

Vadības Sistēmas Sertifikāts 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Vadības Sistēmas Sertifikāts ISO 9001:2015


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