Quality and Environmental Policy

The strategic goal of BELMAST Company is a dynamic, sustainable development to meet the best indicators of the industry and the steel producing companies on the efficiency and competitiveness.

Company’s Responsibility is to provide quality services in accordance with customers’ requirements, ensuring environmental safety. To meet these aims, in the Company an integrated management system was established and successfully operates. It is built in accordance with the law, and based on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001

​ To ensure the high quality the company:

studies and prognoses the customers’ needs, qualitatively prepares the project to meet the requirements of the Customers, in accordance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements of the customer’s country;
qualitatively and timely produces metal structures, masts and towers in accordance with contractual obligations using modern technology, the development and introduction of new technological processes;
ensures control at all stages of production and analysis the non-compliances during the manufacturing process, which may affect the ability of products to fulfil customers’ requirements and reduces bad quality;
selects reliable suppliers of quality raw materials, components;
during and after the manufacturing process collects and analyses the customers and installation firms references and complaints, to determine, where improvements are possible;
improves professional level of employees.

​ To ensure the environmental safety the company:

has integrated environmental management with business activity;
corresponds with the legal requirements on ecology;
has determined goals and objectives in the field of ecology;
has defined and controls the environmental aspects of the organization, thereby reducing their potential impact on the environment, namely accounts energy use, materials, chemicals, paints, packaging waste disposal;
improves knowledge in the management of environmental aspects, creating a positive attitude of all employees;
constantly trains staff in environmental issues;
before introduction of new products and services, initially determines their impact on the environment.

Accumulated knowledge and experience, within its capabilities, will be used for continuous quality improvement, improvement of technological processes and conserve resources, to reduce the harmful impact on the staff and environment, for providing actions in accordance with legal requirements.


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